issue with CreateCabDDF.vbs

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Oct 2, 2008 at 10:07 AM

just wanted to let you know that the following bit of script in CreateCabDDF.vbs is causing problems when you have sub folders inside a feature folder, as the condition will unwantedly evaluate to true for each level below a feature folder.

if (sRelativePath <> "" and InStr(1, sFolder, "FEATURES") > 0) then
        sRelativePath = "FEATURES\" + sRelativePath
end if

I have modified my version to fix this problem:

if (sRelativePath <> "" and InStr(1, sFolder, "FEATURES") > 0 and InStr(1, sRelativePath, "FEATURES\") < 1) then
        sRelativePath = "FEATURES\" + sRelativePath
end if


Jaap Vossers