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A project to maintain a set of Visual Studio project templates which assist in the creation of WSS v3 / MOSS solution deployment packages.

Initially based on this template

To install the template copy the ZIP file to ‘My Documents\Visual Studio 2005\Templates\ProjectTemplates’

Once your project has been created you are free to modify the scripts & folders as you wish.

If you do not have any .ASPX files for the _layouts folder then you can remove the LAYOUTS folder from the TEMPLATES folder.

Equally if you need some images or control templates then simply create a new folder under the TEMPLATES folder for them. They will automatically be added to the manifest.xml, the DDF and ultimately the .WSP file created.

A sample 'HelloWorld' project is now available in the releases. Once this solution has been deployed you go to Site Settings -> WebParts -> New and select the HelloWorld webpart from the list. An .ASPX page is also deployed to the _layouts folder.

The template can be used as either a holding project for all the configuration files and simply builds the WSP package. It can also be used to hold the code (webparts, handlers, etc) for your project. The sample project uses this method for the HelloWorld WebPart.

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